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The keyboardThere are two versions of the S2110A: one comes with a keyboard accessory (about $480) and the other doesn't (about $370). The keyboard itself is similar in design to the optional docks Asus offers for its Transformer line of tablets. The Lenovo keyboard features the same textured bottom as the S2110A and has a full laptop-style button layout with plenty of shortcuts for functions like search, enabling Wi-Fi, and settings. Keys are about the same size as on Asus' dock, but are raised higher, resulting in a more satisfying typing experience. There's also a full two-button touch pad at the bottom of the panel.

Would you sign up for a $20/year MobileMe service that included a "Locker" to store and stream your music? Let me know in the comments, According to sources from music news site, The Music Void, Apple is pushing hard for labels to get on board with Apple's iphone screen protector kmart new MobileMe service for music storage and streaming called Locker, According to sources from music news site The Music Void, Apple is pushing hard for labels to get on board with Apple's new MobileMe service for music storage and streaming called "Locker." The service, the site reports, will cost $20/year and be ready for launch sometime in April..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. (Via Engadget Mobile). The eco-friendly Samsung phone finally sees light in Sweden. The solar-powered Samsung Blue Earth handheld was finally released to the public today--in Sweden, at least. The touch-screen phone with the solar charger on the back is also set to launch in other countries soon; they are France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Portugal, just to name a few. We first saw this eco-friendly phone at GSMA 2009 and then our colleagues over at CNET Asia finally got their hands on it at CommunicAsia 2009. We're actually getting a review unit of this phone for ourselves soon, so we'll let you know if it truly does live up to its green promise.

Nokia and Motorola also wanted a push mechanism for inserting the SIM, but Apple's tray design won over, (It's like the one currently found in the iPhone.) Though Nokia can't be that against the SIM tray, seeing as it implemented it in its latest flagship, the Lumia 900, There were plenty more squabbles along the way, too, Apple offered royalty-free iphone screen protector kmart licensing of its design, but Nokia threatened to withhold crucial patents if that was the case, SanDisk resisted Nokia's proposal, and threatened to withhold its patents, (Sound like a child threatening to take their football home to anyone else?) Then BlackBerry-maker RIM accused Apple employees of re-registering as representatives of carriers to vote by proxy and sway it Cupertino's way..

For fiscal 2000, Prodigy saw total revenue rise to $376.4 million, from $173.4 million a year earlier. Thecompany reported a net loss of $209.6 million, or $3.10 a share, up from a net loss of $80.5 million, or $1.34 per share, in fiscal 1999. However, thefull-year figure was narrower than First Call's projected loss of $3.74 ashare. Operating loss for the 12-month period was $315.8 million, compared with $88.2 million in the prior year. Prodigy Communications beats analysts' estimates in its fourth quarter but sees its losses more than double from a year earlier.

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